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iGlass in “The imperfect measure”

The first quantum leap in the wearable computers era will take the form of glasses. People will buy them when they will be indistinguishable from regular glasses. A great opportunity for world leaders in the production, distribution and resellimg of glasses, like Luxottica. Look at Oakley (www.oakley.com) for example, a takeover made by Luxottica during 2007. Oakley could be a perfect brand for the lauch of a new family of connected devices, new apps and services in the field of augmented reality. We, as sci fiction writers, will invent new amazing stories when such devices will be available and daily experienced in the real life. Google and Apple are working on that (http://gizmodo.com/5923321/would-apple-iglass-be-better-than-googles-glasses) and we’ve to say thanks to Jesus Diaz for his article and Gizmodo (gizmodo.com).




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